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Phillip Moilien

Portrait of Philip Moilien

Phillip Moilien, is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFO/CAO).

Moilien has been an employee of Dairyland Power and GEN~SYS Energy since December 1999. He joined the organization as Controller and Risk Manager of GEN~SYS Energy, which provided wholesale power marketing and risk management for Dairyland. In January 2011, the GEN~SYS organization integrated into Dairyland and Moilien was named Director of Market Risk and Settlements and Acting CFO of GEN~SYS Energy. Prior to joining Dairyland, Moilien worked at Cargill, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., for over 10 years in the Corporate Tax and Accounting areas.

Moilien is a graduate of Viterbo University (La Crosse, Wis.) with a degree in Accounting. He is responsible for finance, accounting, corporate budget and materials management. He also oversees financial activities of subsidiary organizations.