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Press Release Archive - 2011

  • As Dairyland Power Cooperative marks 70 years of operation this month, the cooperative is announcing it will cease burning coal in three vintage 1950s units of the Alma Station on Dec. 31, 2011. This move aligns with Dairyland’s generation resource plans that include the continued addition of renewable resources. Alma 1, 2 and 3 are part of the 181 megawatt (MW) Alma Station, located in Alma, Wis. Together, the three units have about 60 MW of generating capacity. They account for about 5 percent of Dairyland’s total generating capacity, but generated only 0.4 percent (four-tenths of 1 percent) of Dairyland’s energy resources through October of this year. Effective Jan. 1, 2012, these units will only be available on an emergency basis. The two other Alma Station units 4 and 5 total about 120 MW of capacity and will continue to provide energy for the Dairyland system.
  • Dairyland has signed an agreement with Bush Brothers & Co. to purchase the renewable energy and capacity from a new anaerobic wastewater system located in Augusta, Wis. The system will be served by Eau Claire Energy Cooperative. Construction on the renewable energy facility is nearing completion, and commercial operation is expected in early 2012. The digester plant at the industrial wastewater facility is designed to process biogas produced in a covered lagoon to power a 635 kW generator, which will power nearly 500 homes in the Dairyland system. “We are pleased to be in partnership with Bush Brothers and Eau Claire Energy Cooperative on this renewable energy facility, which provides benefits to both the environment and industry,” said Craig Harmes, Dairyland Manager, Business Development.
  • Dairyland Power has been awarded a Bronze designation as a Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) by the League of American Bicyclists. The award recognizes Dairyland’s efforts to engage employees in a healthy lifestyle by biking (or walking) to work through its Active Commuting Program. Those who choose to walk or bike to work are eligible for generous incentives and perks, including gift cards, drawings for gear and free bike tune-ups. Since Dairyland’s Active Commuting Program launched earlier this summer, approximately 30 employees have biked to and from work for over 3,000 miles and have earned over $1,000 in gift card incentives for their efforts. Dairyland also made infrastructure enhancements to benefit commuters, installing new lockers and bike racks, and providing a bike pump and taxi fare in case of emergency. Plans for covered bike parking are underway.
  • Nearly 700 delegates and guests attended Dairyland Power Cooperative’s 70th Annual Meeting at the La Crosse Center on June 8. The theme of the meeting was Long-term Value, paying tribute to Dairyland’s forward-thinking founders and demonstrating the cooperative’s lasting commitment to providing reliable, responsible and affordable energy. Bill Berg, Dairyland President and CEO, discussed the concept of value and how it can change with the situation and the times. Dairyland’s value will endure to the benefit of generations to come, so long as its employees, directors and members remember the lessons of co-op pioneers and work hard, encourage more productive uses and forms of energy and stay faithful to core co-op values. “The pioneers of Dairyland had that faith, even when the future looked bleak. There were no guarantees, no assurance of success. But they knew there was value in what they were doing, value in the groundwork they were laying. The future has proven them right beyond their wildest expectations,” said Berg.
  • Dairyland and one of its 25 member cooperatives, Oakdale Electric Cooperative, have collaborated with the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge to help bring renewable energy to area homes and businesses via a solar project on the Refuge’s Visitor Center. The new Necedah National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is a state-of-the-art energy efficient facility featuring a 46 kilowatt photovoltaic array (solar system). The Refuge also features an interactive display on solar-powered energy at the visitor center as part of its environmental education programming. Dairyland has a power purchase agreement with the Necedah Refuge to buy all the renewable energy produced through the solar installation for distribution to cooperative members through Dairyland’s Evergreen program. The Necedah Refuge is a member of Oakdale Electric, which provided electrical transmission interconnection to the solar project.
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative is pleased to announce the promotion of Phil Moilien to the position of Vice President and CFO of the organization effective May 6, 2011. He succeeds Robert Mueller, who is retiring after 32 years of service with Dairyland. “Phil’s high level of expertise in accounting, finance and risk management has been extremely important to our cooperative,” said Bill Berg, President and CEO. “Phil is a valuable asset to Dairyland and will bring a broad financial background and strong leadership to Dairyland’s financial team.”
  • Dairyland has donated $2,500 to the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department towards the purchase of specialized equipment to aid them in emergencies. The all-volunteer fire department will be purchasing magnetic lights to mark paths for entry and escape during a crisis. The portable lighting can be set anywhere to create a safely lighted path in a structure that has lost electrical power. It also can also be used for traffic control and to mark landing zones for aircraft (helicopter) emergency support. “A dedicated local fire department is one of a community’s most important assets. We are pleased to help fund new equipment which will enhance everyone’s safety during emergencies,” said Treadway. “Supporting organizations like the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department is consistent with Dairyland’s cooperative principle, Concern for Community.”
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative urges caution to those using Lake Flambeau for recreational activities in the coming weeks. The ice becomes unstable and dangerous as spring approaches. Dairyland is implementing a normal drawdown of up to two feet, as the spring run-off starts. The total drawdown could be as much as three feet, depending on the amount of additional precipitation and the rate of snow melt.
  • Dairyland Power has donated an automated external defibrillator (AED) to St. Felix School in Wabasha, Minn. The donation came about after Dairyland employee Larry Stenzel won the Cardiac Science AED while attending the 2010 Wisconsin Safety Council’s annual conference. Stenzel is Manager, Safety, Power Plant Operations at Dairyland’s Alma (Wis.) Generating Site. Dairyland approved the AED donation to St. Felix School, where it will be placed in its auditorium for school and community use. The school is owned by St. Felix Parish, but is used by area organizations for events and sporting activities year-around. This donation is in place just ahead of February, American Heart Month. AED machines make it possible for anyone to offer immediate help to a victim suffering from a cardiac arrest, while awaiting emergency medical personnel.

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