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Press Release Archive - 2010

  • The E.J. Stoneman Station biomass power plant, owned and operated by DTE Energy Services, has achieved commercial operation. Dairyland is purchasing the entire 40 MW output of the renewable energy facility for its membership. “Our ‘green’ partnership with DTE Energy Services will supply the energy needs to power 28,000 homes across our system by utilizing a natural resource—wood waste—as fuel,” said Dale Pohlman, Dairyland Vice President, Strategic Planning. Energy at the Stoneman Station is produced through the burning of wood waste, including green wood residue from forestry and tree trimming operations, railroad ties, demolition waste and sawdust.
  • Results are in for the local 2011 United Way employee contribution campaign at Dairyland Power Cooperative and the numbers continue to demonstrate the generosity of Dairyland employees. The Dairyland campaign raised $114,576.32, an increase of $2,542.15 over 2010 numbers. This is Dairyland’s eighth year as a United Way Pacesetter company. “I sincerely thank our employees for their generosity,” said Bill Berg, Dairyland President and CEO. “Despite challenges employees may be facing personally, Dairyland employees once again have chosen to support this important cause which provides funding for essential services for many in need.”
  • More than 700 delegates and guests attended Dairyland Power Cooperative’s 69th Annual Meeting on June 9 in La Crosse. The theme of the meeting was Step by Step, reflecting the many steps—big and small—Dairyland takes to reliably meet its members’ energy needs as well as its responsibility to the environment. William Berg, Dairyland President and CEO, discussed how Dairyland has historically met consumer demand for electricity by taking deliberate, thoughtful steps to make the best choices for its membership. Time and technology have modified Dairyland’s approach, and the innovations and regulations of the future promise to require further changes. “Directions can change, and we must be prepared to change directions, because we cannot know which things are going to differ from the past,” said Berg.
  • As of June 1, Dairyland Power Cooperative is fully integrated into the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (Midwest ISO) energy market. As a new transmission-owning member, Dairyland will receive benefits from access to the Midwest ISO’s Energy Markets, including its wholesale and Ancillary Services Markets. Access to these markets benefit regional grid reliability by providing flexibility to address unexpected loss of generation or transmission reliably and effectively. “In addition to the cost savings associated with using the Midwest ISO for contingency reserves, Dairyland expects efficiency improvements as a result of employing consistent congestion management procedures with neighboring systems and facilities,” said Chuck Callies, Dairyland Vice President, Power Delivery. The non-profit Midwest ISO ensures reliable operation of, and equal access to, power lines in 13 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is headquartered in Carmel, Ind.
  • A dedication ceremony to commemorate Einar P. Johnson, a Wisconsin conservation warden who was killed in the line of duty in 1929, was held on May 14 at a park on the north side of the Dairyland Flambeau Reservoir (“Lake Flambeau”). The Dairyland Power Cooperative-owned park land has been officially named the Einar P. Johnson Memorial Park, and is located on Dairyland Road northeast of Ladysmith off County Highway J. The park now showcases Johnson’s life story on a newly erected kiosk, as well as his likeness carved on a large granite stone. The stone memorial sits in front of the kiosk. A rock wall built by Ladysmith-area students encloses the kiosk and stone memorial. “As we continually strive to be a good neighbor in the Ladysmith area, we are pleased to help honor Warden Johnson. The story of his life—and death—80 years ago not far from this location is an important piece of area history that will now be shared with visitors to the Einar P. Johnson Park,” said Tony McKimmy, Dairyland Manager, Renewable and Combustion Turbine Generation.
  • Dairyland Power is again collaborating with the Rusk County Wildlife Restoration Association (WRA) to improve fish habitat in Lake Flambeau, near Ladysmith. This stewardship project follows the 2007 major effort to enhance fish habitat. That original project resulted in the construction of 150 deep water fish structures, which were placed on the lakebed. The structures were made of rock, logs and brush. The recent project, which will continue through 2012, focuses on shoreline fish habitat improvement. WRA staff, volunteers from local communities and Dairyland personnel constructed over 75 fish structures along the lake shoreline. Whole pine trees were cut and anchored parallel to the lake bed with cinder blocks. Field stone was laid on top of the trees to complete the habitat structure. Numerous “spiders”—pine trees cut in thirds and anchored perpendicular to the lakebed—were created and placed along the shoreline. The shoreline structures should help forage species such as troutperch and emerald shiners flourish. Forage fish are fed upon by game fish, such as smallmouth bass, walleye and muskie. Yellow perch should also benefit as they can seclude themselves more readily in the structures during the spawning period.
  • In a visit to Dairyland Power Cooperative, Department of Workforce Development Secretary Roberta Gassman said the cooperative has been a strong partner in the Apprenticeship Program. On Governor Doyle’s behalf, she commended Dairyland for contributing to the program’s success. She also cited its commitment to renewable energy. “With the apprenticeship program, everyone wins,” Secretary Gassman said. “Individuals earn a wage while learning the latest skills and gaining valuable work experience. Employers get skilled workers they need. Local communities prosper as our economy grows. It is one of our top job training programs.” Dairyland has been involved in the apprenticeship program since 1966, graduating well over 200 employees in many areas of the utility business, including electrical maintenance, power delivery and power plant operations.
  • An exhibit sponsored by Dairyland Power Cooperative, featuring Peregrine falcons, will be dedicated at the Myrick Hixon EcoPark’s “Raptor Day” event on Saturday, March 13. The dedication begins at 10 a.m. at the EcoPark with opening comments by John Thiel, Senior Environmental Biologist at Dairyland, and Bob Anderson, founder of the nonprofit Raptor Resource Project. Dairyland donated $10,000 to the EcoPark for the development of an educational kiosk about raptors, specifically the Peregrine falcon. Dairyland’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program has been instrumental in helping bring back the once-endangered species to the Upper Mississippi River Valley. “The contribution to the EcoPark provided the opportunity to share an innovative and ultimately very successful stewardship story with the community. The wonderful environmental education facility at the new Myrick Hixon EcoPark is the perfect place to feature the history of raptors in our region,” said Thiel.
  • Dairyland has signed an agreement with Bach Digester LLC to purchase the energy from a new anaerobic digester “cow power” facility located in Dorchester, Wis. Steven Bach is a member of Taylor Electric Cooperative, a Dairyland member. The facility at the 1,200-cow dairy farm is expected to generate about 300 kilowatts of renewable energy, capable of powering 219 average homes throughout Dairyland’s four-state service area. Bach Digester LLC is the fifth dairy farm anaerobic digester providing “cow power” to members in the Dairyland system. “We continue to seek opportunities to expand our renewable resources and appreciate working with Steven Bach and Taylor Electric to bring this environmentally-friendly energy resource to our members,” said Bill Berg, Dairyland President and CEO.

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