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Press Release Archive - 2009

  • Dairyland Power Cooperative and the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator announced Dairyland’s intention to fully integrate into the Midwest ISO as a transmission-owning member on June 1, 2010. Dairyland currently receives reliability coordination services from the Midwest ISO. Dairyland will integrate its 3,144-mile transmission system into the Midwest ISO, allowing Dairyland to access one of the largest markets in the world for buying and selling power. Dairyland will also participate in the Midwest ISO’s ancillary services market, which will benefit regional grid reliability by providing flexibility in addressing unexpected loss of generation and transmission. “Dairyland recognizes that with recent regional changes and the increased efficiencies resulting from the Midwest ISO’s Ancillary Services Market, membership in the Midwest ISO provides the most cost-effective solution for Dairyland and our member cooperatives at this time,” said Chuck Callies, Dairyland Vice President, Power Delivery.
  • Dairyland and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have dedicated a new handicap-accessible fishing dock at the Genoa Fish Hatchery. Dairyland donated $12,000 to fund construction of the easily accessible fishing dock, which is located on a stock fish pond at the hatchery. “We are very pleased we could provide funding to help ensure that everyone in the beautiful Upper Mississippi River region has access to fishing and recreational opportunities. Through this partnership with the Genoa Fish Hatchery, we hope many children and adults with limited mobility will experience the happiness of spending a day fishing in the sun,” said Brian Rude, Dairyland Vice President, External and Member Relations.
  • More than 700 delegates and guests attended Dairyland Power Cooperative’s 68th Annual Meeting in La Crosse on June 3. The theme of the meeting was “Reliable, Resourceful, Responsible,” which is reflective of Dairyland’s commitment to reliably meeting its members’ energy needs while addressing environmental and economic concerns. Bill Berg, Dairyland President and CEO, discussed how those “three Rs” are qualities that describe Dairyland. “Our primary responsibility has always been to provide you, our members, with economical and reliable energy, produced in an environmentally responsible way.”
  • A pair of Osprey are nesting on a man-made platform on the Flambeau Reservoir near Ladysmith, Wis., for the first time since the platforms were built in 2007. Three nesting platforms specifically for Osprey were erected through a joint effort with Dairyland, Jump River Electric Cooperative and the Rusk County Wildlife Restoration Association. The land is owned by Dairyland, and the project is part of an ongoing effort by the cooperative to enhance the natural and recreational aspects of the Flambeau Reservoir area. Dairyland has also sited osprey platforms on the Mississippi River backwaters near Genoa, Wis.
  • Dam Safety Awareness Week (April 28, 2009)
    Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has proclaimed the week of April 26 to May 2, Dam Safety Awareness Week. Dairyland Power Cooperative joins the Midwest Hydro Users Group (HUG) in promoting safety awareness at dams. HUG is an association of dam owners whose purpose is to promote safe, efficient and economical use of hydroelectric power. Dam Safety Week is meant to heighten the safety awareness of recreational and fishing enthusiasts as they return to the waterways. Many of the accidents that occur near dams could be prevented by using common sense, practicing safety, staying clear of dams and understanding the dangers to be found near them.
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative will be conducting its annual operations and reliability test at the Flambeau Hydroelectric Station on the Flambeau River on Thursday, April 9, 2009. “The test is required annually and is normally conducted during spring runoff,” says Tony McKimmy, Manager, Renewable and Combustion Turbine Generation. “This year, flows are lower than we typically experience in the spring. Therefore, we will be increasing the flow of the river during the test.”
  • LADYSMITH, WI— Dairyland Power Cooperative urges caution to those using Lake Flambeau for recreational activities in the coming weeks. The ice becomes unstable and dangerous as spring approaches. Dairyland is implementing a normal drawdown of up to one foot, as the spring run-off starts. The total drawdown could be as much as three feet, depending on the amount of additional precipitation and the rate of snow melt.
  • The 14th season of Dairyland Power Cooperative’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program began early this year, with falcons spotted in February at Dairyland’s Alma and Genoa (Wis.) power plant nesting sites. Cameras are installed at both locations to document “real time” bird activity at the nesting boxes. The “Bird Cam” link is also now activated on Dairyland’s website, www.dairynet.com, enabling anyone interested in online birdwatching to track the falcons’ 2009 nesting season.
  • Looking for ways to save energy and money? Dairyland Power, together with the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in the region, offers this list of low-cost / no-cost energy-saving measures to help you better manage your home’s energy use every month of the year.
  • Dairyland announces the promotion of Mike Brasel to the position of La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor (LACBWR) Plant Manager, effective Jan. 1, 2009. As LACBWR Plant Manager, Brasel will direct and manage the nuclear activities at the LACBWR facility to ensure compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission standards and regulations. He will be responsible for providing leadership for the operation, maintenance and security of the LACBWR. He will also oversee the transition to dry cask storage operations and decommissioning of the facility. Brasel joined Dairyland on Feb. 6, 2002. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Old Dominion University, and an MBA from UW-La Crosse. Brasel’s previous position at Dairyland was Project Engineer III in Generation Engineering.
  • Brian Rude was promoted to the position of Vice President, External and Member Relations at Dairyland Power Cooperative, effective Jan. 1, 2009. The External and Member Relations division is newly created, formed by merging Dairyland’s External Relations and Corporate Communications departments, with an emphasis on developing new initiatives in the area of energy efficiency and member programs. In his new position, Rude will lead ongoing efforts in government relations, community relations and communications for Dairyland, and member programs for the 25 distribution cooperatives that make up the Dairyland system.

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