Dairyland Power Cooperative

Press Release Archive - 2000

  • September 15,2000 - GEN~SYS Energy (GEN~SYS) and Engage Energy US, L.P. (Engage) have participated in a Co-Marketing Agreement through which the parties coordinate efforts related to the wholesale purchase and sale of energy and energy-related products in the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool (MAPP) and Wisconsin/Upper Michigan (WUMS) area of the Midwest. Having achieved many of the joint and individual objectives anticipated by the development and operation of the Co-Marketing Agreement, the parties have mutually agreed to pursue an alternative marketing relationship. As a result, the co-marketing business relationship agreement between GEN~SYS and Engage will end effective October 31, 2000. GEN~SYS will continue to actively participate in the energy market as it did prior to its agreement with Engage.
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative’s 59th Annual Meeting, A Day in the Life, emphasized the importance of providing service that supports the flow of activity around the clock. Speakers noted the cooperative’s important role in allowing people to live each day with comfort, safety and efficiency. Bill Berg, president and CEO, used a talk show approach to educate and inform the nearly 700 delegates and guests attending Dairyland’s annual meeting at the La Crosse Center earlier today.
  • Approximately 700 electric cooperative electrification leaders are expected to participate in Dairyland Power Cooperative’s 59th annual meeting Wednesday, June 7, at the La Crosse Center beginning at 10 a.m.
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative announces the appointment of Dale Pohlman as the new Vice President, Strategic Planning, on May 30, 2000; and Brian Rude as Director, External Relations, effective May 31, 2000.
  • John Thiel, environmental biologist at Dairyland Power Cooperative, recently accepted the "Environment Applications" award from EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) for Dairyland’s efforts in the recovery of an endangered species. The award acknowledges Dairyland’s participation in research into the health effects of utility nest sites on American peregrine falcons and for efforts in constructing and maintaining peregrine falcon nest sites.
  • The Prairie Enthusiasts will be performing a controlled burn on the prairie site adjacent to Dairyland Power Cooperative’s Genoa # 3 Station this Saturday, April 8, beginning at about 12 p.m. According to George Johnston, senior environmental biologist at Dairyland and Prairie Enthusiast member, the burn will take approximately two hours to finish.
  • "As expected, the rollover to the Year 2000 went smoothly throughout the Dairyland Power system," says Dan Fruehling, Dairyland risk manager and coordinator of a team that addressed the Y2K challenge across the company.

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