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The 2015 Peregrine Falcon nesting season began on Feb. 26 with the arrival of “Lucas” at Dairyland’s Genoa Site nesting box. Last year, he was the first bird back as well. Lucas fledged from Dairyland’s Alma Site nesting box in 2004.

“At 11-years old, I think he is the longest tenured bird that we’ve had at the plants,” said Dairyland Senior Environmental Biologist Brad Foss. A Peregrine’s typical lifespan in the wild is 7 to 15 years.

2015 Nesting Season Background

June update

It has been a great year for the Peregrine Falcons nesting at—or near—Dairyland’s power plant sites in Genoa and Alma, Wis. Dairyland Environmental staff recently assisted Bob Anderson and his staff from the Raptor Resource Project in applying U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bands to the falcon chicks’ legs at both the Genoa and Alma sites. The bands make it possible for the falcons to be tracked via the band numbers after they fledge.

There were eight chicks banded altogether; four from each location. The Genoa Site nesting box held two males and two females, the offspring of Lucas and Peta.

Earlier this spring, the adult falcons (Isaac and Power) from the Alma Site relocated from Dairyland’s power plant nesting box to the 12 Mile Bluff across from the Alma Site, an exciting progression. Raptor Resource Project staff rappelled down the bluff to band the four chicks (three females and one male) successfully produced on the cliff site.

Interestingly, Isaac and Power chose to nest in an old Peregrine nesting box that had been left on 12 Mile Bluff many years ago, but never used. “While it took 25 years, Peregrines finally made the decision to use the old nesting box located on the natural cliff dwelling,” said Brad Foss, Dairyland Senior Environmental Biologist.

Bird Cams to be upgraded

Cameras at both nesting sites will be upgraded by the end of the summer. Dairyland is working with the Raptor Resource Project on this project, which will greatly improve camera function and reliability.

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