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The 2014 Peregrine Falcon nesting season at Dairyland’s power plant sites was a great success. All seven chicks—three at the Alma Site nesting box and four at the Genoa Site nesting box—successfully fledged in July.

Dairyland’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program began in the mid-1990s. Including this year’s hatch, 96 falcon chicks have successfully fledged from Dairyland’s nesting sites in Alma and Genoa, Wis.

Season in review

The 2014 Peregrine Falcon nesting season at Dairyland sites began with the arrival of a Peregrine to Dairyland's Genoa Site nesting box on Feb. 20. The falcon was a returning male named Lucas. He fledged from Dairyland’s Alma Site nesting box in 2004. Lucas appeared right on schedule; last year he arrived on Feb. 18.

Roschen, the female Peregrine at the Genoa Site nesting box, fledged from Horizon Milling in Lake City, Minn., in 2012.The Genoa falcon pair incubated four eggs.

The returning male at the Alma Site nesting box was Kiwi. Originally, Hedwig returned to the site, however she was displaced by a different female, Power. (Power was the nesting female at the Alma Site in 2012.) The Alma falcon pair incubated four eggs, three of which hatched.

The seven falcon chicks received U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bands for tracking purposes. Although they have fledged, the adult “parent” Peregrines will likely remain at the Dairyland nesting boxes until fall migration in October.

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