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2012 Peregrine falcon season

Update: All the falcon chicks have fledged from the Alma and Genoa nesting boxes, as of late June! We're happy to report a 100 percent survival rate of the chicks (and the adults) this season.

For the 2012 nesting season, three new Peregrine falcons and one returning Peregrine were at the Dairyland nesting sites at the Alma and Genoa power plants.

"Lucas" returned for his third year at the Genoa Site nesting box, and was joined by a new unbanded and unnamed female. The new male at the Alma Site was identified by his U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Band as "Speedy", from a 2009 hatch at Horizon Milling Co. in Lake City, Minn. The new female was identified as "Power." She fledged from Alliantís Nelson Dewey plant in 2008. The new couple settled into the power plant nesting box, instead of finding a natural bluff site as Peregrine falcon pairs have done in recent years.

The annual tradition of banding peregrine falcons that have hatched at Dairyland's Alma and Genoa Site nesting boxes took place on Monday, June 4,... with a bit of a surprise. By viewing the Bird Cam, it looked like only three chicks were part of the Alma hatch. Once Brad Foss and Ben Campbell from Dairyland and Amy Ries from the Raptor Resource Project got up the stack, they found a fourth healthy fledgling in the back of the box.

Between the two males and two females at Alma and two males and one female at Genoa, Dairylandís Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program helped grow the population by seven this year. All told, 85 chicks have fledged from Dairyland sites since the program began in the mid-1990s.

Thank you for visiting the Dairyland Power Bird Cam. See you when the falcons return in early spring 2013!

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