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2011 Peregrine falcon season

Four healthy female Peregrine falcon chicks were banded in June at their cliffside nesting location near Dairylandís Alma Site.

The four chicks received US Fish and Wildlife Service bands after Raptor Resource Project leader Bob Anderson, naturalists from the group and Dairyland staff rappelled down the bluff face to the eyrie.

The falcons chose to nest this year on 12 Mile Bluff across from the Alma Site. This is not the first time that Alma-based falcons have chosen a natural cliff dwelling for nesting, versus the man-made nesting box at Dairylandís Alma power plants. The purpose of Dairylandís Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program was to re-integrate the falcons to this region, so the wild nesting is a happy sign of success.

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