Dairyland Power Cooperative

Alma Station (Retired)

Photo of the Alma Station

The retired Alma Station, located on the bank of the Mississippi River in Alma, Wis., first came online in 1947.

The first three units of the Alma Station ceased operations on Dec. 31, 2011. Dairyland then retired Alma Station units #4 and #5 in fall 2014.

Industrial Auction to be held Oct. 10

A public auction will be held on Saturday, Oct. 10, at Dairylandís Alma, Wis., power plant site. Pro-County Auction Services is coordinating the event. The auction will be open to the public for those over the age of 18.

A wide variety of items will be offered, including large industrial tools, steel and tubing, plant truck and forklift, diesel generators, industrial air compressors, office furniture, and numerous items for industrial art projects. The auction will be held outdoors, rain or shine.

For timing and details, please see www.procountryauction.com and click on Upcoming Auctions. The auction information will be updated closer to the event.

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A Touchstone Energy Cooperative